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All payments are non-refundable. One reschedule is permitted with at least 24 hours notice. Any cancellation, no call, no show or lateness of more than 10 minutes results in forfeit of payment. 

Proper identification is required at the time of each appointment. Adults 18 and older must have valid state issued ID/license or passport.

Minors must bring a parent with them, and both parent and minor must have ID. Acceptable minor identification are school ID and birth certificate, passport, or license/permit. Pictures of ID's will not be accepted.

If you do not bring ID, you cannot get pierced and forfeit the payment for the appointment. 


Only the person getting pierced is allowed in the piercing room. Parents, friends and family must wait out front.

**Exception - one parent may come back with young children for earlobe piercing. 


Aftercare is discussed at the time of the appointment. A copy of aftercare that is to be followed for the entire duration of the healing process is provided to each client.

Once you leave the shop it is your responsibility to properly clean and take care of the piercing.


Most questions or concerns can be addressed through e-mail or direct message on Instagram. However, if an in-person consultation is necessary, there will be a fee for my time.

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